Serving Southern Oregon


CleanPro Inc. specializes in commercial and industrial janitorial services in the Medford Oregon and Southern Oregon areas what CleanPro Inc. can provide you is experience dedication and professionalism sure to make your job easier. Contact us today to bring CleanPro Inc.’s high standards of property maintenance to your front door.


images-7CleanPro Inc. believes in cleaning for health not, just for appearance. We understand that a healthy environment will provide a lift for any home or building. We provide the extra services required to do just that.

Since 1999 the CleanPro Inc. organization has differentiated its services by doing what it says it will do. While other cleaning companies depend on long-term contracts to hold onto their customers CleanPro Inc.’s service staff takes a different approach, your businesses is earned through the performance of our locally owned and operated firm time and again. CleanPro Inc. strives for steady performance you can see in the individuals and the quality of the cleaning day in and day out.

Attention to Detail

There’s no mystery how CleanPro Inc.’s network does it… performance is monitored and compared with your customized service schedule. The local customerimages-4 service team provides periodic quality assessment visits, and conducts on-site training and support, smoothly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry.

At CleanPro Inc. we take responsibility and work hard to avoid issues or problems and when they occur they are addressed directly, quickly and completely.

Listen– It’s the only way to improve the service, ask questions, listen, understand and work with you on what needs to be addressed.

Solve– Remedy the issue with your feedback and our staff’s cleaning experience the issue can be resolved ASAP.

Confirm – Even after the issue is resolved the Clean Pro team will confirm with you and see if additional support is needed.